Graveyard Blues

by Harriet Rzetelny

Cover of mystery novel Graveyard Blues by Harriet Rzetelny

Published 2010 by Hamilton Stone Editions
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Social worker Molly Lewin confronts two unexpected challenges: an elderly client’s murder, and the threatened eviction of his long-time companion, an old-time southern blues singer. Adding to her difficulties are the uncertain fate of her brilliant but schizophrenic brother, Ben, and her ambiguous relationship with Steve Carmaggio, the detective on the case, a recovering alcoholic who is struggling with his own shattered life. In the end, it is Molly’s passion for music, especially old jazz and blues, together with a cast of humorous, quirky and often quite surprising characters that help her to find the solutions she seeks.

Set in a fictitious Brooklyn waterfront neighborhood less than two years following the World Trade Center disaster, this multi-layered mystery explores the often paradoxical complexities of love, loss, change, and the need for continuity.

“This tragicomic novel is magnificent in its reach. Combining profound knowledge of the corridors through which a soul can be lost and found, Graveyard Blues haunts the imagination of the reader long after the murder mystery has been resolved.”

Marc Kaminsky, author of What’s Inside You It Shines Out